IT Recruiting and Outsourcing

Our endeavor is to leverage your effort towards creating ambitious products. Increase the pace of desired features delivery to get ahead of the competition!


We offer a service of end-2-end software development matching the highest quality standards and constantly providing predictable delivery.

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We help you to find the perfect match for your team from the professional and the soft skills perspective.

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flexibility to pick up the team or individual employees matching your technological stack and business domain.


ability to enrich your processes with a broad experience obtained from previous projects in IT companies.


willingness to treat every customer as a long-term partner building trustful relationships and proposing win-win solutions.



tens of successfully accomplished software development projects in the complicated architecture of 40 integrated systems with a daily load of hundreds of thousands of transactions.

being involved in every phase of IT solutions development process starting from the gathering of requirements and finishing with managing test environments, load testing or delivery pipeline automation.

spearheading the implementation of best practices and industry leading patterns including micro services, API-management, dockers, continuous integration and more.

establishment of the Moscow office of international company, building a sustainable recruiting process and hiring the whole team consisting of 8 professionals over 6 months.

Machine Learning

experience in managing Computer Vision startup based on Data Science and Machine Learning, including technical and product strategy development.

years in information technology area, managing high load IT services development and equal experience in domestic and international IT recruiting.

Now we wish to use our skills and experience to provide you with the highest quality services and predictable delivery.