We offer a service of end-2-end IT solutions development matching the highest quality standards and constantly providing predictable delivery.


IT solutions development

business- and system-analysis

all kinds of IT services quality assurance


Negotiating scope and cost

  • define scope and time expectations
  • align the understanding of requirements and acceptance criteria
  • estimate and approve project costs

Developing the functionality

  • detailed system analysis
  • development
  • all-around testing

Delivering features

  • package acceptance
  • production implementation
  • warranty period
  • successful project closure

Core Technological Stack

If something is demanded but missing in the list, just let us know – we will adjust to your expectations.


Dynamic management of resources

demanded resources are involved only when they are necessary, you don’t have to pay for idleness and at the same time you obtain an ability to scale rapidly or engage independent IT consultant in the project if necessary.

Prices transparency

we provide you with an unambiguous price for a project accomplishment, everything is included (proficient IT manager, administrative functions, taxes, social payments and responsibilities, workplace rent, necessary hardware and software, additional resource engagement), no hidden or unexpected expenses, this makes comparing an overall cost with and a potential impact as transparent as possible.

Responsibility for result

we provide you with necessary IT solutions and guarantee that result will be delivered on schedule – you don’t have to worry about what particular actions were necessary to achieve that.

Broad expertise

the vast experience allows us to make better informed decisions, empowers the prevention of the typical mistakes. It is transferred between different projects inside the outsourcing company, any lack of knowledge can be easily made up when necessary. This makes providing IT consulting and applying best-practices easier compared to an internal team.

Smart selection of resources

our skilled IT managers understand what skills and team setup is necessary to accomplish your particular tasks and will engage only the necessary resources with a skill set that matches the demand.

Predictable quality

having a sustainable process of internal quality control enables us to eliminate mistakes on early stages and guarantee the outcome will satisfy you.