Our ambition is to stand by your side in the contest for the best specialists and “war for talents”. We help you find the perfect match for your team from the professional and the soft skills perspective.


sourcing for international candidates


close cooperation with your HR and IT teams

analysys and optimization of internal recruiting process

skills testing

relocation assistance for our clients and the candidate


  • define a precise candidate profile
  • sourcing for candidates
  • HR-interview
  • your first interview with the candidate
  • candidates skill-testing by our or your specialists
  • decision
  • In most cases your colleague can start working for you remotely shortly after your agreement
  • providing necessary documents and visa application
  • actual start of employment of your new colleague


Benefits of hiring internationally

Creativity and Innovation

International specialists can breathe a new life into your company. Innovative processes and creative problem-solving approaches are distinctive features of Russian developers.

Loyalty and commitment

Your new colleagues are usually very grateful for the provided chance and very motivated. Fair and humane treatment, support in the early days in a new country ensure continuous loyalty to your company.

Image and language skills

Intercultural team provides you with big potential for opening up new markets, more so, because of your colleagues knowledge of the target language. And our IT recruiting tips will guarantee a positive image of an open-minded organization.

Cost advantages

The wage level in FSU remains lower than in Germany, in IT branch it translates to about 20%. Many IT-experts are ready to make a salary trade-off in order to gain a chance to work and live in the EU.


The difference of the mindsets does exist, but it is significantly less conspicuous compared to Asian developers. The legislation is similar, the understanding for the common processes is in place.

Quick staffing

One of the biggest advantages is the short resignation period in Russia – two weeks as standard. You’ll have to wait a lot less than hiring someone employed in Germany. And our deep understanding of the relevant IT recruiting trends will help to speed up this process even more.