Here are some application examples of new technologies which can bring additional benefit to your business.


Processes automation

Get rid of manual performing routine operations on daily basis. Save your employees’ time for something that requires human judgement.

Managing schedule

Convenient and precise planning of your team schedule. Make sure that you will never run out of people in the workplace.

New ways to interact with customers

Create new channels for customers to get direct access to your goods. Web-stores or mobile applications are more convenient way of shopping for the new generation than offline stores.

Make your services more attractive

Communicate with customers online. Remind them about important events related to your product. Reduce the complexity of a purchase.

Tasks and orders management

Build a predictable work-flow of your customers’ orders processing or internal tasks management. Gather statistics on every stage to define bottlenecks. Dramatically reduce the amount of delays.

Machine Learning

Replenishment management

Predict warehouse needs before the lack of goods happens. Make orders from your suppliers in advance but without extended redundancy.

Work-load prediction

Analyze the necessary number of employees compared to customers flow on a daily basis using statistical data.

Personalized loyalty programs

Offer only necessary goods and attractive discounts to those who will be interested in them. Increase the conversion rate of your marketing companies significantly.

Video and speech analysis

Transform video or audio data of any kind into a data array, analyze them in various dimensions and work with them using business intelligence tools.

Computer Vision

Employees control

Control the presence of employees on their workplace and the compliance of customer interaction standards. Fraud detection – Detect theft or internal fraud and send hidden signal to your security team.

Customer journey

Analyze customers behavior in your store: what attracts them the most and how their journey through the store looks like.

Emergency detection

Automatically detect and trigger alarm in cases of fire, accident, fight or suspicious objects.